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Merseyside Police Cyber Challenge 2024

Merseyside Students aged 11-18 

 You are invited to compete against other students from around the Merseyside region to test your Cyber skills in this years Cyber Challenge. Every student aged 11-18 is eligible to take part online. This is an individual challenge that will provide your  School / College a chance to win a place at the finals!
Join the Merseyside Police Cyber Challenge 2024 to first assess your cyber capabilities by competing online against students from the Merseyside area.

This online competition is an opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in cybersecurity, Open source investigation and cryptography, and compete for a spot to gain your school a team in the live finals.
The top performers from the online challenge will be selected to compete along with their School team at the in-person finals at Goodison Park (Everton FC stadium) on 25th & 26th March 2024.
This is your chance to demonstrate your skills in front of industry professionals and win exciting prizes.
The Cyber Challenge 2024 is not just a competition, it is an opportunity to network and engage with industry leading Cyber organisations. Learn about careers / apprenticeship opportunities and more! 

Even if your School / College has not made the finals we would like you to come along to the careers fair and get involved!

Challenge now Closed

The finalists will be informed privately of their positions and will be invited to participate in the finals at Everton's Goodison Park. There will be an official public announcement of all the finalists on Friday 8th March 2024.

Following on from this we will be inviting the the runners up to the Cyber Careers fair on Tuesday 26th March and these invites will be sent out in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank every student that has taken part in the MerPolCyberChallenge24, there has been an amazing response from the students of Merseyside. Over 3900 students took part in the online Challenge and this clearly shows the skills and knowledge that the students possess.

The Challege



Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of cyber professionals.


We believe that every student in Merseyside, regardless of their background, should have access to high-quality Cyber education and training. 

This type of unique Cyber Challenge will enable all students test their skills and enhance their understanding of what a career in Cyber may look like.


The Merseyside Police Cyber Dependent Crime Unit provides Merseyside with Cyber Prepare, Pursue, Prevent and Protect.

We are a highly professional team of skilled Cyber experts in a variety of different fields. 

These skills developed over many years allow us to create a unique Cyber Challenge for all Merseyside Students to test their skills.


We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their support in making the Cyber Challenge 2024 possible.


Please visit our Sponsors to find out more information about what they are providing to the community of Merseyside.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner, please get in touch.


Merseyside Police Cyber
Everton in the community
BAE Systems - Cyber Careers
SudoCyber - Online platform for Cyber learning
Grok Academy - Cyber learning platform
CGI Cyber
Federation against Copywrite theft
SFT Radio
IBM cyber

Share the Challenge!

Facebook: Merseyside Police Digital PCSO

X - @MerPolCyber

Linkedin: Merseyside Police Cyber Dependent Crime Unit

When you take part in the challenge share your score on social media with the Hashtag of #MerPolCyberChallenge24 and tag our socials too! 

Share the MerPolCyberChallenge24 with your friends, the more students from your School / College take part the better chance you have to get to the finals! 

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